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Short Films

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Welcome to 

Historic Expressions Productions

We specialize in timeless vintage imaging that drops you directly into 19th century Ohio history. Our wardrobe re-creates a great period of westward expansion in American History. Still and motion photography appointments open now. Book your time travel today!

Live History!

"Father's day gift to my hubby & his boys. Fabulous pics. Hubby said we need to go back. Excellent experience."-Erin D.


"They do a great job. I have a picture they did for my Fiance and I, on my wall at home! Thanks again!!"

      -Michael K.

"Perfect Family Outing" to a setting of a 19th Century Ohio village. The ENTIRE village is a living museum that your family can inhabit for an hour and be a part of history. The best part is that you have a photographer along your time travel therefore you have great images of your vintage discoveries.

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